About us

Tropics Business Summit is the most important business meeting on investing in Africa!

About the summit

TROPICS BUSINESS SUMMIT is the most important business meeting on investing in Africa! Successfully bridging the funding gap between Anglophone, Francophone, Lusophone, Arabophone and Hispanophone markets for Africa’s industrialization.

The TROPICS BUSINESS SUMMIT is the foremost summit of leading entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, family offices and public-private partnership champions accelerating the Intra-African Trade era and promoting a win-win bilateral cooperation with the rest of the world.

The last TROPICS BUSINESS SUMMIT has successfully attracted an envelope of $500 million worth of investment, thanks to the investment mobilization of its investors network in Africa, Europe and Southeast Asia. The summit has an unparalleled ability to connect with 800+ Speakers + Panelists, 75+ Governments, and 100+ Investors and to a global audience of close to 500,000 digital attendees in Africa and beyond in a variety of public and private sectors.

Since its inception in October 2017 in South Africa, the organizing committee has remained committed to engaging with delegates through an energizing, result-oriented and informative agenda and facilitating networking and business opportunities for Investors to explore tangible projects and for Sponsors and Partners through an interactive exhibition as well as a dynamic program of business-focused and social activities.

Our global delegates include investment professionals, commercial and investment banks and associated professions, heads of governments, embassies, business leaders, business associations, chambers of commerce, institutional and financial partners, representatives of public authorities, academics, media as well as thought leaders.

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The TROPICS BUSINESS SUMMIT (TBS) is an important accelerator for SMEs innovation in Africa and an unleasher for Public-Private Cooperation.

  • OUR VISION: Positioning Africa as a leading investment destination for sustainable development.
  • OUR MISSION: Committed to improving the state of Africa through synergies, trade and investment.
  • OUR VALUES: Less Talk. More Action and Ubuntu


Deeply anchored in the SMEs on one hand and in the public-private sectors on the other hand, the TROPICS BUSINESS SUMMIT is the only Pan-African organization serving this role, bringing together the world’s foremost CEOs, heads of state, ministers and policy-makers, experts and academics, international organizations, youth, technology innovators and representatives of civil society in an impartial space with the aim of driving positive change in Africa.


  • GLOBAL BUSINESS COMMUNITY & PRIVATE SECTOR: Every year, a total of 1,000 leading global business executives are engaged across all continents (Africa, Europe, Asia, America and Australia) to step up and share the state of affairs in their markets, countries, regions or continents. This group is further structured into key sectors and addresses our annual theme.
  • GOVERNMENTS & INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS: Every occasion we get, the TROPICS BUSINESS SUMMIT engages local and international Government Bodies on their National Plans to determine their needs and help them solve economy-related challenges to better governance and impact economies. We engage Governments and International Organizations through viable projects and win-win cooperation agreements.
  • YOUNG LEADERS & STARTUP ECOSYSTEM: On a yearly basis, a 1,000+ Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs between 18 and 35+ years of age are engaged as African DOers, and close to 700 outstanding African Leaders get shortlisted by an independent jury in collaboration with TROPICS MAGAZINE and featured on the annual African DOers Powerlist which later leads to the African DOers Awards. Apart from this, the TROPICS BUSINESS SUMMIT has successfully initiated the TROPICS STARTUPS INCUBATOR alongside the TROPICS WOMEN IN BUSINESS (TWiB) ACCELERATOR to reveal the next generation of African Unicorns to the world.
  • ACADEMIA, SCIENCES, RESEARCH & INFLUENCE: The TROPICS BUSINESS SUMMIT has also initiated the TROPICS AMBASSADORS PROGRAM to help the organization to engage through business clusters. On the Academia side, the TROPICS BUSINESS SUMMIT seeks strategic partnerships with Universities to better the curriculum on Leadership Development, Innovation and Good Governance.
  • FAMILY OFFICES & NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS: The leaders of Pan-African and Global Family Offices, Nonprofit Organizations (Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Trade Unions, and Cultural Leaders are integrated into the TROPICS BUSINESS SUMMIT diverse and multilingual ecosystem to drive cooperation and sustainable development for all 54 African Countries including its Diaspora across the world.
  • MULTIMEDIA PROFESSIONALS: Even though the TROPICS BUSINESS SUMMIT is an initiative connected to the first multilingual business and lifestyle magazine to ever come from Africa, TROPICS MAGAZINE, the annual summit attracts Journalists and Editors from all 5 continents whose mission is to report on the highlights of this action-oriented summit and, most importantly, on its tangible results and concluded deals.