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Our History

The Tropics Business Summit (TBS), initiated in 2017 in Johannesburg, South Africa, by the Tropics Group of Companies, has undergone a transformative journey, shaping Africa's economic landscape.

Notable milestones include five summits in the Republic of South Africa (2017-2019), a successful transition to a digital format during the Covid-19 period (2020-2021), significant events in the Republic of Cape Verde (2022), and further expansion to the Republic of Congo (2023).

Returning to Johannesburg in 2024, TBS looks forward to a global gathering promoting innovation, trade, and investment in Africa. A landmark achievement includes raising $500 million through a collaboration with Yunus Invest.

Blueprint Plan

TBS envisions an empowered Africa as a global collaboration hub, emphasizing technological innovation, sustainability, and cultural richness. Its mission is to drive economic growth, attract investments, and foster diverse funding sources

Strategic Objectives

TBS aims to attract global investment, diversify funding sources, facilitate knowledge transfer, promote trade, champion technology and innovation, create networking opportunities, celebrate cultural diversity, and ensure a lasting impact on economic development.

Collaboration with Key Stakeholders

Championed by Tropics Group subsidiaries, TBS actively engages government representatives, entrepreneurs, investors, thought leaders, and international institutions to create a vibrant network of cooperation.

Global Impact Across Sectors

TBS's impact spans diverse sectors, influencing nation branding, intra and extra-African trading, exporting "Made in Africa" brands, and addressing global challenges through sustainable initiatives in energy, technology, agribusiness, and more.

Inclusive Engagement

TBS engages startups, investors, the African diaspora, STEM initiatives, and social impact entrepreneurs. It actively supports economic resilience, diversification, and international cooperation, creating dealrooms for startups and investors as well as governments and investors.