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>Live Media Coverage of Tropics Gala Evening

Program Overview

Live Media Coverage of Tropics Gala Evening

Official Unveiling of Upcoming Events, Official Tropics Awards Ceremony & Performances:

 Live Media Coverage on the Blue Carpet
  •   Tropics Reception with Wine, Champagne & Cheese Tasting (English and French) – (From local Cape Verdean farmers and Agribusiness Entrepreneurs)

  •   Presidential Gala Dinner (English and French) – Kicks off with Official’s resolutions / Deals Announcements and Perspectives for the 7th annual Tropics Business Summit & Trade Expo (Cape Verde) Her Excellency Deborah Carvalho, The First Lady of the Republic of Cape Verde (10-min)

  •   Digital Performance by Christina Goh (French/Ivorian Multi Awards-Winning Artist and Poet – live from Paris, France)

 Opening Addresses, Speeches / Ongoing Dealrooms (Side Activities):
  •   The Honourable Francisco Carvalho – Mayor of the Municipality of Praia

  •   His Excellency Olavo Correia, – The Vice-Prime Minister, and Minister of Finance in charge of Technology, Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship of the Republic of Cape Verde

  •   His Excellency Pedro Lopes – Secretary of State in charge of Technology of the Republic of Cape Verde

  •   His Excellency Amadou Koné – Ministre des Transports de la République de Côte d’Ivoire

  •   Her Excellency Ngone Diop ) – Directrice du Bureau Sous-Régional pour l’Afrique de l’Ouest de la CEA/Director, ECA Subregional Office for West Africa/ECA SRO-WA

  •   Mr Rene Ralph – Chairman of Xegara International and Vice-Chairman of the Tropics Group of Companies

  •   Mr Jehu Ndoumi – CEO and Founder of YUNUS SA Luxembourg

  •   Mr Rui Levy – President of ABAC

  •   Mr Jose Almada Dias – Chairman and CEO of the Cabo Verde TradeInvest

  •   Dr Gilles Yabi – Directeur et Fondateur de WATHI Think Tank

  • Opening Address by  Mr Lino Varela – President of the Chamber of Commerce Luxembourg – Cape Verde (CCLCV) and Vice-President of the TropicsGroup (Lusophone Markets) – (5-min)

  •   Ms Joyce Williams, ESQ – Managing Attorney and Founder of The Law Firm of Armooh-Williams, PLLC

  •   Mr Carlos Lopes – CEO of the Tropics Group (Lusophone Markets)

  •   Ms. Princess Olufunke Adebonojo – Global Communications Director at the Tropics Group of Companies

  •   Ms Venicia Stelle Guinot – Executive Chair and Founder of the Tropics Group of Companies