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Tropics Media Networking

The Tropics Business Summit operates as a networking hub, fostering connections and collaborations among attendees from various sectors and regions. In fact, networking is an immersive experience designed to foster meaningful connections and collaborations across diverse stakeholders. Here's how networking will works at the upcoming Tropics Business Summit

Through these initiatives, Tropics Media enhances the networking experience at the Tropics Business Summit, creating opportunities for collaboration, innovation, and growth across industries and regions.

Before the Summit

Pre-Summit Online Networking Platform

Access to an exclusive online networking platform hosted by Tropics Media, where registered participants can create profiles, connect with fellow attendees, and schedule one-on-one meetings.

Virtual Meetups and Webinars

Participation in virtual meetups and webinars organized by Tropics Media, offering opportunities to discuss industry trends, share insights, and build relationships in advance of the summit.

Media Outreach and Promotion

Increased visibility through targeted media outreach campaigns conducted by Tropics Media, attracting high-profile attendees, including government officials, investors, and industry leaders.

In-House Media Platforms Benefits

Inclusion in various Tropics Media publications, including:

Tropics Magazine

A flagship publication showcasing insightful articles, interviews, and features on business, culture, lifestyle and innovation across Africa and the diaspora.

Participants receive:

  • Opportunities for feature articles, sponsored corporate content and interviews highlighting their achievements and contributions to the African economy.
  • Exposure to a global readership interested in African business and culture
  • Access to digital and print editions for widespread visibility

Tropics Business Magazine

Focuses on in-depth analysis, case studies, and expert insights into business and investment trends and opportunities in Africa.

Participants receive:

  • Coverage of their business ventures, initiatives, and success stories
  • Exposure to a targeted audience of business professionals, investors, and entrepreneurs
  • Access to digital and print editions for comprehensive coverage

Tropics Women in Business Magazine

Empowers and celebrates women leaders, entrepreneurs, social impact leaders and change-makers shaping the business, investment and philanthropy landscape in Africa and beyond.

Participants receive:

  • Profiles and features highlighting their leadership journeys and impact.
  • Visibility among a diverse audience passionate about gender equality and women's empowerment.
  • Access to digital and print editions for widespread distribution

Tropics Mobile TV

Offers engaging video content, including interviews, documentaries, and event coverage, accessible via mobile devices.

Participants receive:

  • Opportunities for video interviews and features showcasing their expertise and initiatives
  • Exposure to a growing audience consuming video content on the go.
  • Access to exclusive video content produced by Tropics Media.

Tropics Podcasts Network

Features podcasts from luminaries and captains of industries covering a range of topics including business, entrepreneurship, culture, lifestyle, tourism and innovation, providing participants with:

Participants receive:

  • Opportunities to host or participate in podcast episodes, sharing insights and expertise with listeners.
  • Exposure to a growing audience of podcast listeners interested in African business and culture.
  • Access to archived episodes for ongoing visibility and engagement.

Tropics Food Magazine

Explores culinary traditions, food entrepreneurship, and gastronomic trends across Africa and the diaspora.

Participants receive:

  • Coverage of their culinary creations, agribusiness ventures, food(tech) businesses, and contributions to the culinary scene
  • Exposure to food enthusiasts, chefs, and industry professionals interested in African cuisine
  • Access to digital and print editions for widespread distribution

Special Issues and Powerlists

Inclusion in special magazine editions focusing on specific themes or industries relevant to participants' expertise or interests. Being featured in these powerlists enhances visibility and credibility within the business community.

African DOers Powerlist

Tropics Investors 500 Powerlist

TWiB Powerlist - 500 Women in Business and Impact Leaders

Tropics Legal 100 List

Tropics Tech & Influence 500 List

Tropics Women in FinTech List 300.

During the Summit

Media Lounge and Networking Zones

Access to dedicated media lounges and networking zones at the summit venue, providing spaces for impromptu meetings, interviews, and collaborative discussions.

Exclusive Media Interviews

Opportunity for exclusive interviews with Tropics Media, capturing valuable insights and perspectives to be shared with attendees and the broader audience.

Live Coverage and Social Media Engagement

Live coverage of summit proceedings by Tropics Media, including keynote speeches, panel discussions, and breakout sessions. Participants can engage with content in real time through social media channels and live streams.

After the Summit

Post-Summit Networking Follow-Up

Continued networking opportunities facilitated by Tropics Media post-event, allowing participants to follow up with contacts made during the summit and continue conversations initiated at the event.

Content Sharing and Knowledge Exchange

Access to summit highlights, session recordings, and key takeaways shared by Tropics Media, fostering ongoing knowledge exchange and collaboration among participants.